Northfront Business Resource Center

Northfront Business Resource Center

Successful entrepreneurs know that it takes determination, confidence and a lot of hard work to  realize their dreams.  They also need the right support from those they can trust for sound advice and assistance.  The Northfront Business Resource Center can provide that level of support.

The Northfront BRC is dedicated to contributing to economic growth by helping small businesses achieve their goals of start-up, growth, expansion, innovation, increased productivity, management improvement ad success.

Specifically, through a number of service providers housed in our 16,000 square foot Simmons Entrepreneurial Building, we can assist for little or no cost in the following areas:

  • Confidential one-on-one business consulting
  • Intensive business training seminars and courses
  • Assistance with the cost of developing customized training programs and providing financial assistance with needed training
  • Military, State and Federal contract procurement training and assistance
  • Business networking events and Chamber of Commerce support
  • Assistance with access to capital and financing programs
  • Manufacturing counseling and training programs
  • Affordable office and cubicle space for start-up companies housed within the Center, which includes: furniture, phones, Internet access, and utilities

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