Corporate Services at the Miller Business Resource Center, SLCC

Corporate Services for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

We provide professional services devoted to the design and delivery of business education and employee training for businesses and organizations in Salt Lake and Tooele Counties. We work with entrepreneurs, small business, non-profits, government agencies and even major corporations.

Our training solutions include:

  • Cost-free, no-obligation, professional consultation and review of your organization’s training needs including assistance in locating the most cost-effective training option.
  • Specialized training developed for you and your specific employee skills through our Corporate Partnership Training and Custom Fit Training (see below) services. Services may include assistance with the cost of training for companies and/or individuals that qualify.
  • Professional Certifications and Basic Skills assessments through our ACT Testing Center.

Leadership and Management Workshops

Do you need to learn new leadership techniques?   Do you need to increase sales? Do you wish to become a more effective manager and create better communication in the workplace?

Training from Salt Lake Community College will help you become more successful in your career, whether you are just beginning or more established. SLCC’s Corporate Solutions offers many workshops to help any employee, manager or CEO. Our hands-on leadership and management workshops provide step-by-step methods to solve problems and strengthen yourself and employees. Knowledgeable business professionals bring years of experience to give you the most relevant information for the modern workplace. Whatever the problem, Corporate Partnership Training has the tools to help you solve it.


Lean Office Boot Camp – $129
TBA, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm*
Learn how to apply Lean operating principles to the office environment. Improve productivity and eliminate waste in administrative and other non-manufacturing elements of your business.


Staying Positive While Stressed – $69
TBA, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Stressed employees in the workplace are a major issue. They are less productive and often have lower morale. This insightful workshop gives managers, supervisors and employees the skills they need to perform at their optimal levels with reduced frustration. Stress management training can improve job performance and productivity, decrease job errors, and increase job satisfaction. Spend a positive day with a highly trained facilitator and acquire proven coping skills on how to stay positive.


Turning Social Media into Sales – $129
TBA, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm*
Web-based social media is here to stay and it should be making money for your company. In this workshop, you learn how to take advantage of the power of social media to build your business. It is a hands-on workshop in a computer lab that focuses on the marketing and sales strategies involving Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


Customer Service and Beyond – $129
TBA, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm*
Most employees can meet a customer’s basic needs, but exceeding customer service levels every single time takes work. This powerful workshop is for professionals who want to master customer service principles and practices for lifetime customers. You learn advanced skills involving customer retention and relationship management. Discover how overcoming short-term objections leads to long-term buying habits and how involving your customers on all business levels will make the company better.


The Five Pillars of Successful Teams – $129
TBA, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm*
This workshop guides leaders through the basic principles that go into building any successful team. Learn from the examples of great leaders of successful teams in various areas, from life-and-death situations to military endeavors to business to sports. Reflect on team wisdom through the ages, and learn from innovative scientific research.


Secrets of Leadership – $129
TBA, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm*
Why are some managers more effective than others? They understand and have embraced several often overlooked aspects of leadership. This insightful and engaging workshop benefits and motivates managers and supervisors on all levels. Learn new tools to become an effective and powerful leader.


Communicating for Results – $129
TBA, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm*
The key to success is communication, but how many times have you found yourself “lost in translation?” If you want results in your business, you need to be able to communicate with others. However that is often easier said than done. This workshop identifies your personal communication style and how it impacts others. Address the emotions in communication that lie underneath the surface and how to address them. Look at how your communication can help others to take personal accountability for results.


Power Writing for Today – $69
TBA, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Learning how to stand out in the mass of published material is the major challenge for anyone with a message to communicate. Yesterday’s writing techniques have lost their vigor. This fast-paced and insightful workshop gives students proven techniques on infusing power into different types of writing.

For more information, please contact Whitley Palmer at 801-957-5237 or

  • To register for these courses, please call 801-957-5200.
  • All classes are held on Wednesdays at Miller Corporate Partnership Center SLCC Miller Campus – 9750 South 300 West
  • Call us today to see if you or your company qualifies for state funding
    and a discount of up to 50% off the regular price! 

Custom Fit Training

Helping small and large companies step ahead in the global economy

 Do you need training as a business owner? …as a business manager?

Do your employees need training?

What is Custom Fit Training?

Custom Fit Training is one of Corporate Solutions most flexible, customized training programs designed to provide Utah businesses with a well-trained workforce. Utilizing Utah state funds, Custom Fit Training is designed to stimulate economic development and facilitate the creation of new jobs in our state.

Custom Fit Training is the perfect solution for entrepreneurial and growing companies that would benefit from partially-subsidized training programs. Our goal is to help organizations grow, train, and retain an efficient and productive employee base. Even if you are starting out as a business of one, we will work with you.

The Corporate Solution Custom Fit team will leverage their extensive training expertise to provide companies with a variety of performance solutions:

  • Training needs assessment
  • Curriculum design
    • Technical skills training
    • Leadership and management training

How does Custom Fit benefit companies?

Custom Fit Training offers many benefits to for-profit organizations:

  • Custom Fit is a one-stop solution for Utah businesses whose employees need training
  • Any for-profit company in Salt Lake County may qualify for assistance
  • Qualified instructors/trainers are secured by Salt Lake Community College
  • Courses are based on the company’s schedule and employee availability
  • Training is delivered on-site at the company or at one of SLCC’s many locations
  • Financial support is available:
    • Custom Fit subsidizes training cost
    • Company pays only a portion of training costs


For more information, contact:
            Phone: 801-957-5293