Assistance for Women Owned Businesses

Women's Business Institute

A One-stop Comprehensive Assistance Center for Women-owned Businesses.

Founded in 2007, the Salt Lake Community College Women’s Business Institute (WBI) offers women entrepreneurs many resources to help them get started or improve their small businesses. The WBI offers one-on-one counseling, business development classes and workshops, market research, mentoring and networking, and are often no-cost or low-cost to the client.

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Market Research

The Women’s Business Institute offers free, customized market research through the services of SBDCnet. The research is provided through a group of tech-savvy researchers working in offices at the University of Texas at San Antonio Downtown campus.

These researchers can produce customized reports, market analysis, patent searches and demographic charts and maps to aid counselors across the nation as they work with small businesses trying to start up or expand.

One-on-One Counseling

Stuck in a rut? The Women’s Business Institute offers expert counseling to start-up and existing businesses, at no cost to the client, find the best tools and resources your business needs to help you thrive. Our experienced and helpful staff can consult with you on a variety of relevant and timely topics, ranging from buying or selling a company to accounting or employment issues. Become a client today and schedule an appointment with us, and get on your way to success!

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Promoting Women Leaders in Utah

Women Leaders Utah, a program of the Women’s Business Institute at Salt Lake Community College, is a virtual registry whose goal is to increase access to the expertise of women leaders throughout Utah. Launched in 2009, the registry acts as a vehicle for identifying women leaders, building relationships, and expanding networks. This will result in expanded opportunities for organizations and individual growth by leveraging current and emerging women leaders’ skills, competencies and track records in creating diverse results.

The goals of Women Leaders Utah are to:

  • Act as a comprehensive on-line cooperative network to attract private, government and non-profit sector decision makers who are seeking women leaders.
  • Serve as an educational and informational resource to connect organizations seeking women leaders with women who possess broad-based or unique skill sets appropriate to those organizations.
  • Provide a virtual forum to promote the personal and professional development of women interested in expanded or new leadership opportunities.

Registrants of Women Leaders Utah are women of diverse backgrounds and accomplishments. Our representatives include corporate executives, entrepreneurs, educators, elected and government officials, and social and healthcare workers among others.  Regardless of personal background, we are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of all women in Utah through exemplary leadership.

We invite you to join this dynamic resource and include your unique abilities as one of Utah’s premier women leaders.  If you are a decision maker who has been challenged in identifying successful women to join your boards, commissions and teams — please use this rapidly growing resource to identify and connect with outstanding prospects.

Classes and Workshops

First Step FastTrac

The need for business planning and a business plan for a new venture cannot be overemphasized. Whether you intend to attract investors, lenders, or business partners; the First Step FastTrac will answer your questions and put you on the right path to success. This hands-on program gives you an opportunity to evaluate and fine-tune your business idea in a safe and supportive environment. You will work closely with other entrepreneurs, sharing ideas and experiences and laying the foundation for future business relationships. Through the class, in small coaching sessions, and through homework assignments, you’ll explore issues related to all key aspects of your business. You’ll determine whether your idea has “legs” and if starting a business is the right decision for you.

First Step FastTrac Schedule: Check the Calendar for dates and times.

International Outreach


Women entrepreneurs face a unique set of challenges and obstacles when expanding their business internationally. The Women’s Business Institute (WBI) guides women through the common issues women encounter in international markets, providing a framework for success in international economic, political, and educational issues.


Additionally, the WBI has developed programs that educate, guide and train specific international populations, including women refugees located here in Utah through a partnership with State of Utah Refugee Office, and women in India through a partnership with the Women’s India Trust.


Programs for Refugees  

Programs for Refugees

Refugee groups have specific needs in their communities that they would like to address. Often there is a gap between their needs and what the mainstream community provides. One way that refugee groups fill this gap is by forming their own formal or informal organization. The Women’s Business Institute offers a series of workshops geared towards assisting these individuals in setting up these organizations and teaching them the tools they need to make them successful.

The WBI currently offers two training programs for refugees:

The Women’s Business Institute, in partnership with the Utah Non-Profits Association, State of Utah Refugee Office and KCPW, was honored for their work with refugee populations in Utah.



Women’s India Trust Initiative