dano_ybarra_linkedinMessage from ELP Chairman, Dano Ybarra:


Hello ELP members,

I am very honored to have been chosen to serve as Chairman of ELP. I hope to get to know each of you as we work hand-in-hand to help each and every entrepreneur who enters our doors. As most of you know a Board of Directors is a group of elected individuals who have oversight of a legal entity. As an oversight group, they typically provide coaching, suggestions, and guidance on how to run the organization. On occasion, they will roll up their sleeves and take action. They also serve as a networking group to attract other executives to sponsor and support the organization. Each of you will want to create a Board of Directors for your own organization when the time is right.

However, in order to get the real work done of serving the entrepreneurs who attend ELP meetings each week, the board felt it necessary to create an Executive Team. The Executive Team rolls up their sleeves and gets the work done. In order to have a quick start on getting things done, I have asked that each Board Member also serve as an Executive Officer of ELP. Each member of the Board graciously accepted the added responsibilities. This was a great demonstration of their loyalty to ELP and their desire to get things done.

I am happy to announce the following Executive Team of ELP:

Dano Ybarra, President/CEO
Jay Taylor, Vice President
Scott Farnes, CFO
Ann Marie Thompson, COO
Roger Koyle, Site Development Officer
Michael Argust, Chief Funding Officer
Andrew Willis, Legal Liaison Officer
Bill Brown, Community and Corporate Relations Officer

We are looking for an Executive Secretary and for a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). The CMO may be considered for appointment to the Board. If you know of anyone who may have the time and talents to serve in either of these roles, please reach out to me at  dano@elpnow.org.  Our goal as an Executive Team is to help each Site Leader and each ELP member in any way possible. I know the Site Leaders in particular dedicate a lot of their personal time to making sure there are meetings each week that bring value and education to each ELP member. On a personal note, my daughter attended an ELP meeting for the first time this week. She called me right after the meeting and could not settle down. She walked away from the meeting feeling so excited and energized she couldn’t hold it all in. She had to share her excitement with me immediately. Thank you for all you do to create these experiences for individuals.

Your Chairman,
Dano Ybarra