by Dustin Schwanger

We know that successful business leaders are voracious readers. They read books, articles, blogs, anything they can get their hands on. Reading produces ideas, and ideas are what make business possible.

But, as entrepreneurs we are busy. We have many different needs tearing us in different directions. Reading, then, easily drops to the backburner.


Recently, I found and have been using a tool called Spritzlet. The people at Spritz have determined the optimal recognition point of each English word. Each word in an article, for example, is shown to you, and the optimal recognition point is usually in read and always is at the same place at the tool. So, as the words flash through the tool, you just look at the same spot and “read” each word very quickly.

The main drawback for me is that this isn’t real reading. I like going at a normal pace and thinking about what I’m reading. But, for an article that I’d skim anyway, Spritz enables me to have a firm grasp of the idea that the text presents without spending an inordinate amount of time reading or skimming it.

Here is the link to Spritz

You’ll download it to your bookmarks bar, and any time you want to speedread, just click the button and the tool will appear showing the text of the article word by word. (And, it’s free, so I have no ulterior motives.)

Dustin Schwanger is the owner of Query Publishing and Real Editing & Design.