Guest post by Roger Koyle, Kaysville Site Leader

Ron Baron spoke to our ELP Kaysville members last week and did a tremendous job.  At the time of my asking Ron to speak to our Kaysville group, I had never heard him speak more than a few words.  I had been told by other people that he did some public speaking and in fact just recently spoke to an organization in Las Vegas Nevada.  I admit I was concerned with giving Ron a full hour to speak.  Sometimes I worry for the speaker that one hour may be too much time for them to prepare a discussion on a subject and other times I worry for the audience having to endure a full hour.  Ron’s presentation could easily have gone for another hour and would have been tremendously received.

Ron speaks with great enthusiasm, humor and authority regarding his subject matter.  His ability to engage the audience is remarkable.  Ron’s discussion yesterday titled “You Can Sell At Prices HIGHER Than Your Competition!” was dead on accurate.  Of the many funny and “point making” quotes that Ron dropped on us yesterday, my favorite was “The Mafia never has a “sale” and they are doing just fine…”

Ron also taught us:

  • How to face the common problem that “your price is too high.”
  • How your clients’ businesses really work.
  • How old pricing strategies can be destructive to your industry.
  • The truth behind how purchasing decisions are really made.
  • How to compete in ways much more important than price.
  • Tricks buyers use to make you cut your price.
  • Signals that indicate your price can be higher.
  • How to Understand your clients’ true buying motives and start increasing your sales and PROFITS the very next day!

If you are an ELP site leader and are drawing a sizable crowd, I would encourage you to get on Ron’s dance card and have him in to speak to your group.  My only regret is that I didn’t have 50 more people in our audience.  I may have Ron back soon for Round 2 and this time, I am going to invite the mayor and all his friends.  Having owned a spa with 35 employees, I would love to have had every one of them hear what he had to say.  Next time, I plan to invite the staff and students of the beauty college here at the DATC.  It’s really that good of a presentation.

For those interested in more information about Ron, here is a little about his background:

Ron Baron has more than 30 years of senior-level national corporate experience as President, V.P. Marketing, V.P. Sales & Marketing, and V.P. Operations.

Ron is a highly acclaimed and dynamic public speaker, successful entrepreneur, and business leader and does extensive consulting and executive/leadership mentoring.  An active volunteer for national non-profits that forward entrepreneurial spirit, Ron currently fills positions of chairman, board member, executive committee member, and president for various entities. Ron Baron continually takes his upbeat messages nationally and has been a featured speaker at numerous corporation and association meetings and conventions. You will enjoy Ron’s powerful stage presence, energetic speaking style, humor, and warmth.