I came up against a universal truth today as I reflected on my entrepreneurial goals and activities.  I’ve had business ideas and I have made small attempts to start my business outside of my day job and family responsibilities.  But I haven’t succeeded yet because I haven’t been consistent, so my business has not grown because, as many of you already know, consistent effort is a key ingredient to the success of any business venture.  After all, we wouldn’t shop at a grocery store that constantly changes its operating hours without warning.  Nor do we set up our internet connections with companies providing signals that cut out unexpectedly for long periods.


We all likely suffer from some inconsistency in at least one area of business operations.  It could be marketing and branding or customer follow-up.  Or maybe it’s daily scheduling and prioritization.


And thus I pose this question: What habits, business practices, schedules, and routines have you implemented that have led to success in your own businesses?  For those of you who are more like me, what changes do you need to make to become more consistent and establish or grow your business?


Oh, and one more thing – I encourage any of you reading this to volunteer for some kind of responsibility within the ELP.  Yeah, it turns out that once you volunteer the curse of unexpected good opportunities falls upon you almost immediately.  In my case I offered to help with the blog.  Within a week I was given a new assignment at work that brings me far closer to my business goals and gave me the chance to earn overtime money.  I’ve seen it happen to other ELP members too.  So if you want a nice boost in your business or career, maybe it’s time for you to volunteer.