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Studies show that being environmentally friendly is good for your business. Consumers are attracted to businesses that promote “green” efforts to protect the environment. Even high profile companies are making the switch to environmentally conscious vendors. Also, many practices and products that conserve resources and help reduce pollution also cut business costs in the long run.

Don’t let your small business be left behind. There is a wide range of business-minded information available on the practical, profit-producing aspects of making a business more environmentally friendly. Access to environmentally preferable products and services is also widening—especially for small business. Options include buying office supplies made of recycled or low-impact materials, properly disposing of old electronic gear, and installing energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs in your facilities.

A great resource for small business is, a service of the Washington, DC-based Green Business Network. GreenBiz offers a full range of hands-on help for small businesses that want to get greener, from how to finance greater manufacturing efficiency to alternative cleaning solvents and processes. The organization’s website is packed with helpful information and is geared toward helping businesses take an environmental stance that also helps the bottom line.

The GreenBiz site provides descriptions and links to nearly 100 helpful organizations and websites — many of them by state. There are also hundreds of books and reports geared to specific industries. Take time to explore the site for a wealth of news, tools and tips on going green. Select “Small Business” in the “Resource Wizard” pull down menu for topics geared specifically to small business.

Another useful resource is the Small Business Environmental homepage, which helps business owners tap into pollution-prevention assistance programs of all types nationwide. It also offers a list of links to state environmental agencies and small business programs.

Purchasing environmentally friendly office products has also become easier thanks to the growing awareness of major office products suppliers. Whether you shop in their stores or online, you’ll find a wide range of recycled paper products, energy-saving devices and equipment, and even attractive furniture crafted from sustainable resources.

To learn more about operating issues facing your small business, contact America’s free and confidential source of small business mentoring and coaching. SCORE is a nonprofit association of more than 12,000 business experts who volunteer as mentors. SCORE offers free mentoring and low-cost workshops nationwide. Call (801)746-2269 to talk to the local Salt Lake SCORE office or visit online at