ELP Meeting

Last Wednesday, the Salt Lake Tribune published a newspaper article in their Money section about Entrepreneur Launch Pad and the help it offers to people looking to start or grow a business. The article spotlighted a few success stories as examples of how entrepreneurs and their businesses can benefit from advice and resources gained at ELP meetings.

Read the full story here.  Here are a few quotes from the article:

The assembly of lawyers, entrepreneurs, inventors, doctors and businessmen and women let him know what they thought, and Snyder made his way home to fix it. He repackaged the alarm in a grey box with a clear label and immediately saw his sales jump.

Hundreds of inventors and business owners have received similar suggestions and support in the group’s nearly four years of operation.

From those beginnings grew the idea of creating a support system for blossoming businesses. Each week in multiple locations eclectic groups of men and women gather to hear speakers who can help them succeed, to receive feedback on their ideas, and to help themselves to the buffet of business cards on the back table.

Thanks to Dana Ferguson and the Salt Lake Tribune staff for their time and for a great article.