Zions Bank and DooBizz.com are co-sponsoring a business accelerator program starting in January 2012. There may be an opportunity for ELP members to apply for this program!

In brief, this program is not for everyone but may be right for you if…

  • You are about to launch or are thinking of launching a new business (this is a launch program not a funding exercise!).
  • You can participate in structured seminars during the workweek probably a 4-hour commitment each week for 9 consecutive weeks at the Zions Bank Business Resource Center at 310 South Main Street, Salt Lake City.
  • You want access to best in class software and training on developing your business for launch and are willing to participate in an evaluation of the software and provide feedback to help DooBizz improve its processes.
  • You are willing to be interviewed by an evaluation team to learn more about how entrepreneurs use the training.
  • You would benefit from access to a seasoned experienced entrepreneur mentor.
  •  You can commit to completing all the training material on time and participating as a cohort.


This is not an incubator and office space is not being provided.  This is an opportunity to prepare to launch a new business and participation is strictly limited.

There is no charge for participation in the program but be assured that there is an expectation of your personal investment of time and effort to complete the program in the time period allotted.

If you are interested in applying for this program, please contact me directly ASAP!

William.brown@brownbusinessesintl.com or advisors@utahbusinessadvocates.com