Brigham City:

We enjoyed another Yerka Moment as Jason explained how to use Excel to create an amortization schedule as well as a payment calculator.  We followed that with the framing of business ideas.

With the holidays coming, we would like to say “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year!”…lest I forget to next week. 🙂  Also, we will be having our regular meeting next week helping frame business ideas and another great Yerka Moment to get us all thinking.  We will NOT be holding a meeting on 12/28/2011.  We are also contemplating changing our time to 8am (still on Wednesdays starting January 4th)…if you would, please let me know if this would be better for you by emailing me at to let me know one way or the other.


ELP Kaysville had a great meeting this week. We discussed the use of video in promoting our businesses.  Breaking into groups allowed us to map out specific strategies to move forward on creating youtube videos. After the meeting we shot a testimonial for the new book of Joe Holmes. After the video is complete we will send the video link in one of the next emails.  We will continue to search for ways to help members get there business to the next level. If you are interested in shooing a short video to promote your business contact Steve Chisholm and we can shoot a concept video that you can use on Youtube. We have some great speakers lined up for the beginning of  2012 , but we still need your input on speakers  to make it the best year ever. Our next meeting will be held Dec 29th. We will not have a meeting on Dec. 22nd.


In place of a guest speaker, we stepped back to the foundational principles of ELP and dedicated the entire two hour block to focus groups where entrepreneurs were able to get feedback in areas of concern for their companies.  The feedback ranged in scope, but was plentiful and helpful.  Some of the feedback requested involved finding creative names for their companies, others asked for helping finding target niche markets, others simply tossed out a business opportunity and requested feedback as to the viability of the idea.  Every entrepreneur was able to contribute to others and gain feedback for themselves, exactly was ELP is all about.

Again, we will not have a Sandy ELP meeting for the next two weeks.  We will meet again on Jan. 6th.  Merry Christmas!