Ed Hayward – President-of CEO Space Utah share insights on “Obstacles” and “Team.”

Report Submitted by Roi Agneta at Wasatch Back


He then went on to discuss some of the typical challenges that every entrepreneur faces and characterized them as “obstacles”, which can be overcome through perseverance and positive thinking.  Some examples of obstacles: fear of failure; making fear-based decisions; having a “scarcity” mindset, e.g. thinking in terms of what you do not have rather than what already Have and what you can accomplish.  My favorite one was “doing things out of sequence”, a common human trait that causes us to gravitate towards our comfort zone and shy away from doing the hard things that are outside that comfort zone. This avoidance trap prevents us from moving our business forward and accomplishing what we really need to in order to be successful.


Ed provided us with some great insights into the mind of an entrepreneur by comparing them to employees.  One very interesting point he made: while entrepreneurs and employees have fundamentally different worldviews, they are very much dependent upon one another!  He then move into the subject of a team.

He pointed out how important it is to offset your weaknesses by having team members with complementary skill sets. Ed offered this quote, which sums it up nicely: “If it’s not your genius, it’s not your job!”

If you can’t afford to hire a team to share the work, then find a tribe that shares your beliefs and put together a group that can help you grow by giving you solutions to your business problems.

He closed the presentation with a few references from the book “The Zig Zag Principle”, with particular emphasis on the need to Plan, set Milestones, and then Adjust your plan as needed.

Ed encouraged audience participation, which benefits everyone, and participate we did!

Thank you, Ed Hayward, for a very informative and engaging presentation.