We want to thank everyone who joined us and millions of entrepreneurs around the world in celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week.  The greatest energy and excitement you can feel is to be with entrepreneurs who are collaborating with each other to move their businesses, inventions and ideas forward.  Thank you for all of your efforts to make great things happen, for giving abundantly to others and continuing to build a successful business!  Thank you to the entrepreneurs who offer business services and resources to small businesses and startups and for your efforts to help everyone freely.  The answers to the economic problems tomorrow can be solved by the entrepreneurs here today!


The Northfront Business Resource Center, the Northfront Entrepreneur Alliance and Entrepreneur Launch Pad sponsored “Low Cost Strategies to Launch a Business!” with Shawn Sadowski, successful entrepreneur and CEO of MyNewEnterprise.com.   Shawn’s valuable message was built on foundational principles in the MyNewEnterprise training, including many who built thriving businesses with little money.  Shawn has built the program on success principles learned from successful entrepreneurs across the country.  Everyone should visit www.mynewenterprise.com and experience these valuable stories, especially if you didn’t have a chance to listen to attend the presentation.  Outstanding job!  Thanks, Shawn.  MyNewEnterprise is a great program and the Northfront Business Resource Center is excited to be working with Shawn.


We attended the 4th Annual Fall Small Business Expo, the BizNet Connect Entrepreneur Series.  Thank you for ELP members who participated as vendors, for those who attended and for those who taught workshops, Dan Smith on “Cost Effective Marketing: Marketing on a Tight Budget”, and Ron Baron, “You can sell at prices higher than the competition”. www.mbrcslcc.com/expo, 801-957-5284. Great job, everyone!