Kirsten Fox (Fox School of Wine) did an excellent job of preparing, presenting and securing on-target business inputs. The meeting participants delivered fantastic feedback to Kirsten, on the presentation itself as well as her business opportunity.

We followed the UBA presentation format: A 3 minute presentation to a defined audience; 2 minutes of feedback on the presentation; 30 minutes of group collaboration on Kirsten’s business and opportunity. The session was video recorded and Kirsten will have a DVD of the entire meeting segment for her future use.  Kirsten has agreed to participate in a business review program whereby all ELP members will have the opportunity to review Kirsten’s progress so look for more from her in the upcoming weeks and months!


For more information on the Fox School of Wine contact:

Kirsten H. Fox, Headmistress at Fox School of Wine

School: 435-655-9463 Fax: 435-649-0462

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