by Stefan Andrews

You’re an Entrepreneur, But Where’s the Help You Need?

You’re a dreamer. You’ve got a great idea to solve a problem or you’ve created a new gadget that many friends and colleagues are anxious to see produced. You’ve done the creative work, you have your product or idea ready to go. But… how do you set up a business structure to market it, and… how do you produce it and market it with little or no money?

I’ve now spent 2 years retraining myself, setting up and marketing  a new service oriented business.  Many other budding entrepreneurs spend countless hours outside their regular jobs putting together the necessary elements of their dream business. The biggest hurdle we all face is how to setup and market that business. We need the training. I’ve learned that successful entrepreneurs almost always have a mentor to provide that training.

Finding A Mentoring Organization

One of the best free mentoring organizations in Utah is SCORE in partnership with SBA (US Small Business Administration). SCORE provides mentors to give business advice to new entrepreneurs in personal sessions or in small group workshops. Their services are provided free by former business people. You can access SCORE by going to their website or call them in Salt Lake area 801-746-2269, Ogden area 801-629-8613, Provo/Orem area 801-373-8660, St.George area 435-652-7741, and Logan area 435-213-8713. (

Networking Leads to Successful Marketing

Many years ago, I was taught that networking would be my key to local marketing.  I was told to focus first on those people in my personal network. Tell them what I am doing and the type of companies I am targeting. They would then be prompted to think who they might know that they could introduce me to. That scenario hasn’t changed. But what has changed is the number of business people that meet in organizations for networking purposes.

In the Salt Lake Metro Area these groups include Networking in Utah, Professional Networking Group, Art of Business Squared, Entreprenuer Launch Pad, TAB (The Alternative Board), CEO Space, Utah BNI, among many others.  These organizations meet to give business advice through member and guest speaker presentations and provide time for members and guests to network.

Entrepreneur Launch Pad Fills a Niche

Filling the “start-up entrepreneur with little money niche,” Entrepreneur Launch Pad provides a place for entrepreneurs to assist each other, listen to helpful presentations, and network to grow their business, all at no cost. Each week entrepreneurs, small business owners, and business reps serving this market get together to give advice on solving issues affecting entrepreneurs. The members also glean important lessons from presentations by successful business people.

Entrepreneur Launch Pad Structures Their Meetings

When I showed up at my first meeting, people were sharing their services available to entrepreneurs and small businesses, including the Miller Corporate Partnership Center where we were meeting and SCORE, both supporting organizations.

This was followed by a guest speaker giving a presentation that focused on helping the beginning business person take the right steps in launching his business. I have since heard presentations on overcoming problems, putting together a business plan, getting that initial financing, and planning for growth with a cash flow plan.

Next, entrepreneurs and small business owners were given the opportunity to share what their business was all about and what problem they needed help on at that moment. They gave a prepared or extemporaneous presentation. That first meeting, I witnessed one person stand and share what her business was and the problem she was facing. She received much feedback addressing the issue from the group. The willingness to help, to give back, is the key to making this session work. So everyone contributes what they can.

Entrepreneurs Gain Hope

Entrepreneurs are given direct counsel and advice. They are steered to resources to help them be successful through the first year and even into the next four years. This has given hope to me and to many other entrepreneurs who face seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Having mentors, colleagues, and business men and women willing to help us at Entrepreneur Launch Pad has made all the difference. We have hope and really believe we can make our business dreams a success.

Stefan Andrews is the president and owner of B2B Content Master, LLC. He focuses on Blogs, Press Releases, Video Scripts and Web Page Content that engage and keep the reader’s interest to the very end of the piece. You can contact him at  or phone him at 801-513-7182. Check out his business website at .