Miriam VanderLinden, an apprentice from 3 Key Elements and partner with Annette Brandley an ELP member, did a presentation on body language. Miriam explained that words are only 7% of our communication. 36% of communication is tone. The biggest part 57% of communication is body language, yet we spend our greatest amount of energy on the 7% of communication and we may not even know what our body language is communicating. This creates problems of miscommunication in relationships, in business, with yourself and with love ones. It can be a reason why we may not be reaching goals and making the money we believe we could.

Miriam suggested some minor adjustments. Our handshake can tell another person if it is painful to do business with them or we are non-committed. Our handshake can build rapport and trust. Make it an equal exchange and connect our palms to indicate that we want to connect with the person we are shaking hands with. We can also add the eye in the handshake. If we will look into the right eye and imagine we are going inside and signing the guest book we become more memorable. The lips give signals of when someone has something to say. If the lips become tight, the person we are talking to has something to say. If they become pursed they really want to say something. If it gets to the point of their hand over their mouth, they have quit listening to us and won’t listen anymore until we let them talk. The best thing to do is let the person talk or ask a question if we think our message isn’t getting through. How we use our arms and hands is also important. When speaking if we keep them tight and close to our body like Tyrannosaurus Rex arms or in our pockets or folded in front we are sending the message that our capacity is small or limited. Instead use the full reach of our arms and hands both to the sides and from top to bottom. This indicates that we have the capacity to receive. As we focus on our 1-Eyes; 2-Lips and 3-Hands our connection with people will improve.

To learn even more about our body language, Miriam invited us to the Master of Influence training which is offered February 16th, 17th, 18th and May 17th, 18th, 19th. We can learn better communication skills, how to read Body Language from head to foot, getting more yes’s in business deals and straighten out our thoughts and relationship with money. The benefits will influencing our relationships to be healthier, increasing our results because our message is clear and adjusting our Body Language from “I am shut down”, to “I am open to receive”. This is a powerful class if we are ready to change our lives! For a class that is normally $750.00 Miriam offered this training at an amazing $157. For a 3 day training from 9 to 6 each day, that’s less than $57 a day to develop a 57% increase in our communication skills! You can take advantage of this fabulous deal by contacting Annette Brandley at 801-458-6260 or email her at annettementor@gmail.com and say I want this fabulous deal for Master of Influence so I can increase my life by 57%!