Orem ELP had Ed Hayward, President of CEO space, as their speaker 9-23-2011.

Ed began by giving a little background on his travels around the world in his younger years and how his travels helped change his perception of what’s important in his business ventures. He learned that making money was secondary to helping people, which is his passion. And he puts his passion into practical application by helping business people whenever he can.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by all the things you have to do to make your business successful. Most entrepreneurs start out solo, working by themselves. The tasks they face can seem insurmountable. Consider the definition of an Entrepreneur: “Someone who organizes a business venture and accepts the risk for it.” That last part is often a deal breaker when you don’t get help to see you through the tough times.

Ed mentioned the importance of support from non-entrepreneurs as well as fellow peers and risk takers is crucial to our success, and that we are not alone. The biggest problem we face is not reaching out and letting others know we need their help. They are there and willing. We just need to connect with them through organizations such as ELP or CEO Space.

He spoke about the stumbling blocks all entrepreneurs encounter. These are Discouragement, Fear, Scarcity of mindset, and Timing. As you fight through these obstacles, with willing help from others, keep in mind the following key points to overcome blockades in your road to success:

  1. Never loose focus of who you are
  2. Always keep trying
  3. Never let fear run your business
  4. Never get discouraged
  5. Remember, you are in control
  6. Embrace failure and learn from it

And he wrapped up by sharing that it is important to not try to do it all yourself. Those who try to do all, always fail. When you admit that you cannot do it all, you open yourself to seeking help from others. And when you get that help, you bust right through the obstacles and achieve the success of your entrepreneurial dreams.