Curtis Howe, co-founder of Circle Five gave an inspiring and motivational presentation on the lessons he’s learned on the road to success at Kaysville ELP on 9-22-2011.

Curtis pointed out that we hate to fail.  We wish it was an easy path, but it’s not.  He then shared 4 important Lessons, keys to failing forward fast.
1)      Business  is a journey, not a destination. Worry less about what you do and focus on who you can become.
2)      Education is your greatest asset. You have to keep learning.  If you aren’t improving, you are dying.  Learners are earners.  There isn’t a job problem in the country. There is an idea problem.
3)      Business is a team sport.  Choose partners carefully.  Work with people smarter than you and work with mentors.
4)      Success is the moment when preparation meets opportunity. Continually prepare yourself. If you hit an obstacle, quickly figure out what you did wrong and move forward.

Instead of spending time writing a business plan, Curtis recommended the Business Plan Canvas.  Re: “Business Model Generation”.

Circle Five has revolutionized referral marketing. Curtis has been involved with several startup companies over the last twelve years, ranging from personal coaching, to software. Check out Circlefive at