Richard Smart, founder of the Positive Thinking Institute, spoke about self-talk and the impact that it has on your thoughts and the power of the mind at our Kaysville Meeting this past week. He used self-talk to become the #1 salesperson in his company.  He taught it to others, and they also had great success.  

The brain acts on the inputs that it is given, either productive or counterproductive.  The thoughts you have will produce the results you get.  You will want to empower thoughts with positive emotion.  If you empower thoughts with negative thoughts, you will not be able to get successful results.  Are you thinking success and productive thoughts or are you thinking failure and counterproductive thoughts?  

Your thoughts lead to your actions.  Your actions drive your results.  Successful results begin with positive thoughts.  You need to focus on your positive thoughts.  Richard challenged us to be patient with the process and stay diligent.  You will get the results you seek if you just persist in the process.  

The first thing you need to do is “know what you want”.  Next, you need to “intensify your efforts” and “persist until it is achieved”.   What are the words or affirmations that will lead you to good thoughts?  Use “I can” instead of “I can’t” is just one example. Check your words and make affirmations when repeated that will lead you to success. 

Know what you want and think productive thoughts and you will have success. 

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